Zulily Remote Job

I’m not trying to bash anyone here, I’m just wondering if anyone had a bad experience with Zulily? I got hired as an assistant buyer contract. I was so excited because this was finally my chance. I was told my contract would be 6 months. After one month unexpectedly, my recruiter called and told me they decided to end my contract and that day was my last day. No one from Zulily told me. My team told me I was doing a good job, and she said she didn’t know why. I’ll be fine and I’ll get back on my feet but not knowing why sucks, because
I can’t grow without knowing. Have any of you had a bad experience or was this a weird thing?

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Wow I saw your post a few days ago. Sorry this happened to you. What odd situation did you look or maybe look on indeed and Glassdoor for other people reviews??

Thank you, I appreciate that. I’m alright, I’m just looking for any job right now so I can get a place. I did but most of the reviews are from the office. Right now, most people are working remotely so it was hard to tell.

All of these “contracts” are bull$hit… i have been contracting since pandemic March 2020 and these companies can let u go without notice, no paid holidays while the rest of the team works summer Fridays, etc… companies are just filling in from all the layoffs they had - do not get your hopes up that they will hire you full time - always keep looking for better !

Yes! This was my first experience with a contract job, I was so excited because they have a high rate of converting. I got sick one day and found out as a contractor I don’t get sick days or PTO and I was told I was guaranteed 6 months, then after a month I’m let go with no notice? It isn’t right.

Once (several years ago) I sat in the lobby @ Zulily for a half hour, waiting for someone to greet me for an interview, only to find out that the interviewer had called out sick that day and no one had made arrangements to talk to me. They found another employee to fill in once the receptionist realized I had been sitting there so long. A few days later, the recruiter called me to say that the team just realized they didn’t have the budget to hire, and the position was being pulled. This was for a fairly entry-level role that they hired for frequently.

I’ve heard of many similar experiences to yours and mine. I hadn’t heard anything in a while, and assumed it was because they had new ownership. But… sounds like they’re still just a mess. I wouldn’t take it personally and would assume it’s definitely them, and not anything you did.


That’s so unfortunate I’m so sorry! They do have a new owner I think, but I’m not sure what it was like before. It just sucks that I thought this was my chance to get my foot in the door. There were so many other assistant buyers that were contra hired the same time as I was so what about me was a problem? I’ll be fine but I wish I had more clarity