Has anyone worked at IHL Group?

Has anyone worked at IHL Group? Is this a good company to work for or is it toxic? The glassdoor reviews are mixed from very positive to very bad. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Well I can tell you that I interviewed there and it seems extremely disorganized, it would not be a place I would go to unless I was desperate for a job. There is stuff everywhere, they have everyone back in 5 days a week which is illegal because they’re supposed to be at 50% capacity. I was told they ‘spread people out’ into conference rooms, I can’t imagine how closely they were working before because it seems crammed now. There’s even a girl working in the lobby to the point where when I went to sit down there was a pile of fabric submits on the chair. She didn’t even acknowledge me and made no moves to clean the chair off. There seems to be no HR of any kind, I couldn’t get any sense of the team structure of the organization no matter how I phrased the question. Seems like free for all, I would say what’s written on glassdoor is probably accurate.


Thanks so much, ABC123!

This is very helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks for this everyone. I just applied to a position there so now I will turn them how if contacted. I’ve been trying to stay away from companies with that kind of environment. You would think after all of this they would readjust themselves to a better office environment. This is very helpful.