Adjmi Apparel Group

I used to work for this company. Horrible work hours and sexual harassment from my boss.

I left years ago but just heard one person died of Covid, and two more are in the hospital because the company isn’t following guidelines. STAY AWAY!!!


I agree with DarkStorm. They have posted almost 10 positions in the last several months. Seems as though they don’t realize how toxic and unhealthy it is working there. I had to leave the job immediately or I would’ve ended up in a hospital and they are not worth it. If they’re not following protocol, they should be reported!


They have been reported several times! Nothing is being done.

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Ugh! This is ridiculous. They may be infecting their employees and not even knowing nor caring! I’m glad I got out of there when I did.


Ugh why are they still posting on style careers? Hope there are Glassdoor reviews