Insights on NYC alliance

Hi everyone,

I just started a new job as an associate sweater designer and I am not vibing with the director in a team of two including myself. I wanted to land on a designer role but the offer came in quickly so took this job as the ceo at previous job was an a hole. However I am interviewing for a designer role at a much higher salary range at NYC alliance and the glassdoor reviews are freaking me out… if anyone can share their insights on the company that would help me a lot. TIA

I have two close friends who are design directors currently at NYC Alliance. They are the nicest, kindest women who will treat their team very well. I have freelanced there in the past both in person and remotely for three different teams, and thought the design teams were organized well. I cannot vouch for quality of work life there as I was an outsider… I know they have a hybrid schedule, maybe work 1 day from home. One of their biggest complaints is that there is a daily morning ritual of some sort which is mandatory participation for all.

Hi Design-is-my-life,

Really appreciate your input and am glad to here that design teams arent too bad. I am interviewing for a cut and sew division. Hope your good friends are in the division. As long as I get the title, experience and a fair wage/environment I think I can look past the morning prayers…

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I know a few people that have worked there and they’ve all said that the morning meetings are very cult like and weird. Make sure you can deal with it - it’s mandatory!

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Is the morning ritual their only complaint? I would like to hear about other major red flags. I care most about team culture and boss’s personality as long as the company pays the market value and it doesnt look like a sweatshop(the new job I just started looks like we are working at a factory…)

Did you literally just start this new job? It sometimes take a while to find a new rhythm with co-workers/supervisor. I wouldn’t bail too soon

Yeah… it is just not vibing alone but she gives of the mean girl aura… being short with a certain group of ethnicity who doesnt speak English as their first language… I don’t know if her actions are justifiable even when she is stressed and overworked. What’s scary to me is that I did not notice anything off in the interview.

Yeah. Well that doesn’t sound cool at all.

Ive recently started a new job. My boss is a control freak that always thinks her way is right/best. We have the same amount of experience (more than 20yrs) so its not the most fun. Its getting a bit better as we get used to each other but i cant work like that for the long term

I totally hear you. Controlling bosses are also troublesome. my previous boss was a bit like that but she would back off when I followed her way and when she got swamped she stopped caring lol. I am willing to adjust for new people/environment as long as teammates are decent humans but not sure abt my new job.
Gahh Job hopping and hunting are so frustrating.

It may not seem like the morning ritual is a big deal, but it is an integral part of the job and is required daily at 9:15 AM sharp (even during the pandemic when everyone was home it was done via zoom).
Additionally, someone from your team is picked once a week to verbally “express/share” in a speech how they are relating to the companies daily mantra.
This company has a very high turnover rate mostly because people realize quickly it’s not for them.
Choose wisely since you have a job currently.

Simply, I think you can decide- when they’re actually offering the job- until then its still them who’s considering you…
Unless they asked you to do lengthy “free” project, then its a different story to decide to go with it or not.
I also had a coworker worked there as well, which she also left the company for good, less than 2yrs…