What price do they Cash out your PTO?

Hi every one; when we went to furlough the company cash out our PTOs with the hourly price. But I believe they played with us ! We earned that PTOs when we Had commissions with $25-$28 , what do you think? Do you believe that they played with us? What happened to you and your furlough?

This would depend on the company and what they can afford to do. Some companies can pay you, your PTO at just your base hourly rate and some companies would pay your PTO plus an average of what you made in commission. Many states mandate you are paid for your accrued PTO but that mandate is just the general hourly rate. Anything above that is based on the generosity of the company. Hope this info helps you

My company did not pay out any PTO as part of the furlough package. In fact, regardless of time and title, each person only gets two weeks pay. I don’t think the company will be around much longer, to be honest. The investors just recently bailed them out for the third time in just over a year. At some point they will stop and the company will liquidate.

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