Severance Packages

Has anyone been able to negotiate their severance package during this covid time?

I was recently let go and shocked at what little they offered me. 4 weeks & PTO days, for being there 5 years and knowing what numbers my designs were bringing in as far as sales, it doesn’t seem right.

Not completely related but my company only paid up 1/4th of my package. It’s been three months. Still nothing.

I lost my vac days - no severance. And it’s a common story. I’ve heard that from many colleagues in other companies.


No severance offered! Just awful!

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Most of my coworkers and friends received two weeks severance and PTO.


It’s very difficult to negotiate severance on a large layoff / re-org as many people are impacted and asking the same thing. If you are one of only a few you can certainly try.

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Not related to covid but when I took a visit to Tiger J./Monodan when they were being erased, my director was not given any severance. I guess for some companies it really depends but I would consider it luck that you receive one during these uncertain circumstances.

Don’t they legally have to pay out remaining vacation days?

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No. They don’t. They cited the WARN act which has been updated to a accommodate Covid so they didn’t even need to give advanced notice of the layoffs. Then they let everyone go except the Management team and told a handful of people privately that they were only furloughed. They filed notice with NY state that everyone in the Brooklyn office would be fired by June 21st but never followed through with the management team. They managed to rid themselves of employees over 40 and anyone making a decent salary.

YIKESSSS, so sorry. You should approach a news outlet about it.

Moving on. There are a lot of stories out there - a recruiter on Linked in brought up this topic a few months ago, actually.

Thank you all for the information. I know this is a tough time for many and I should feel better about receiving any sort of severance right now. Still in shock and angry over it, but hopeful the industry will bounce back and something better will appear!


The company where I worked cancelled their severance policy at the start of the pandemic so when they did the first, of probably many until they liquidate, round of layoffs last week we all received just two weeks pay. That’s it. Position held and length of time meant nothing to that company. But, like I said, the company will most likely file bankruptcy again.

Same! Lost all wks vaca and no severance

Sorry to hear that. It’s such a difficult time.

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That’s exactly what I received.

Roughly 48% of everyone who was initially furloughed and subsequently laid-off, got no sort of severance.

Horror stories and vulnerabilities like this make the case for unionization of our industry all the more urgent. Separately we have no power, but together the industry cannot take advantage of us the way that they do.

Here in LA severance is VERY rare. I know probably one person who’s received it, ever, when being laid off. Seems more common in NY.

I’m in LA too… Twice in my career I have gotten 2 weeks severance for a layoff… but usually most places just pay out your vacay and send you on your way. Sad times.