URBN / Urban Outfitters

What’s been going on there lately? I was speaking to a recruiter who said they are working on things internally and won’t be able to get back to me until next week, and I’m curious if that means there’s some kind of restructuring going on there or something else.

I also want to know the work environment is like. If anyone has any input I’d love to hear it!

I’m from Philly, worked at a store near home office during college, it’s a nice looking place to work but it’s a sort of shit show. They work long hours as if they are in NY but the pay is very low because you’re in Philadelphia where the cost of living is low. My friend who also worked at that store with me just landed a job at home office. She interviewed before the pandemic with a few ppl but was put on hold. Once they got back into the office she reached back out and was told the key person she interviewed with left. Sooooo once they got the okay to go back to hiring she had to re-interview… most of the ppl remembered her so it was more just letting them know she was still interested. And she got the job!!! They did put things on hold. She’s a buyer so maybe the division you’re trying to get into is still on pause.

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Ah I see. I’m really hoping that the reason why they aren’t getting back to me until next week is not because of an internal hire, but because of they’re still on pause/getting out of the pause situation. Here’s hoping!

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I think you’ll be okay. I’m seeing a health amount of positions posted lately on LinkedIn by their internal recruiters. Don’t freak out just yet lol.

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I currently work at URBN - what brand/dept are you applying for?

I would agree with MoFodie - long hours for sure, so if you’re hired get ready to WORK a LOT

The JD didn’t specify a brand, but it would be under production & sourcing. It’s a product development role. So ready to work, especially after being unemployed for months lol.

oh okay very interesting. I work in product development for ANTHRO brand now. I know in ANTHRO they are looking for a KNITS PD, I am not 100% sure of openings on other brands.

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Is URBN working from home? Or going into the office?

I saw an opening for Senior Designer under the Free People label…

Does anyone know how it is working with each design division - Free People vs/ Anthro vs/ Urban Outfitters?

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I’m with shared services under free people. We work half of the days from home and half in office. They’re really doing a lot with cleaning and distancing. I’ve been overall impressed with the flexibility they’ve shown.
Yes the hours are long but personally after working years in New York I’m so glad to be out of there and the hours are pretty comparable to what I worked in nyc.

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They are flakes. Will make you do a project and you won’t hear again. I’ve been around the block with them multiple times.

@mkswfb I hear they steal ideas from projects