Need a job in NJ asap

Hello wanted to know if there are jobs in nj that are hybrid or remote, could do my but would have to be hybrid or flex because I can’t afford to live in NYC and have to take care of parents.

I pref full time but freelance would be ok. I have been searching for a job as a clothing designer for a year or a tech designer, similar industry as well and have had no luck specifically when I tell the hiring manager or recruiter that I am not in NJ and that I am in the west coast. It’s been a year of on and off again. I’ve even accepted and said to the hiring staff that I’ll move on my own. I had one recruiter talk down to me and made me feel demoralized for daring to apply to a job when I was not in the location currently.

At this point it’s been a struggle to stay positive and feel the fashion induct has not been friendly I can’t quit my job and be unemployed for multiple reasons, wished there was more support. Is anyone willing to give me a chance, any leads or networks would be helpful looking for all opportunities and outside apparel. You may pm me

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Im confused by what you sre looking for.
Do you live in NJ? Is it commutable to NYC?

Fashion design is a hands on process. It wont be easy to find a fullt remote job

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I didn’t say fully remote. I said flexible or hybrid. Looking for a full time job in apparel in nj

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you said hybrid or remote. Unfortunately, most companies are based in NYC. Cant you you commute daily? isnt that better than no job at all?
Are you far enough out that you could commute to Philly?