What is your favorite company to work for in Philly?

I recently moved from NYC to Philly.
I never planned on coming back to the industry after I left in 2018 but, I do love Fashion.
What are you thoughts about working for these companies?
Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Print Fresh.
I no longer want to work in design but some other job position. No more color ways or repeats for me.

The owners at Print Fresh are really nice people, not sure how they are to work for!


Yes Print Fresh are lovely. Keep in mind that print biz has taken a big hit during the pandemic as budgets are slashed.

Print Fresh discontinued their print biz and they launched/focused on their own line- print driven homewear collection and stationary…etc
the owner couple are lovely- known them last 8yrs, every sales/designer from there I met previously, all seemed good-

I worked with the company for many years regarding buying prints and they all seemed very nice.

I’m not looking for a position as a print designer but really, just something fashion related. I have a friend in the industry still and the company she works for has actually grown dramatically during the pandemic due to online sales. Everything has been shifted to e-commerce.

I had read that they had moved on to other lines…But, wasn’t sure exactly what they were doing.

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I interviewed with either Urban or Anthropologie a couple of years ago and was thrilled I didn’t get the role. The recruiter was enough to turn me off ever working for them even though I’d love to live in Philly. A former colleague used to work for them and commented often about the toxic environment but this was several years ago and third-hand.

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I’ve heard horror stories about Anthro/UO from way back, but in today’s world the job is a job and if you need one and you can get it, take it. One person’s experience may not be yours and bills come every month.


PrintFresh was a shit show… it wasn’t a good place to work. If you paid attention they were always hiring which is never a good sign for any company particularly for such a small company. URBN is a mess. They have a certain kind of person they go after. It’s very hard to get in and once you do you can forget growing. Which you’d think wouldn’t be such an issue with a company of that size. What you get a job as is what you’ll continue to be your whole time there. You’re best bet to get in is through someone you know or making it your life’s work to essentially hound a recruiter. I know plenty of ppl at URBN home office as I worked at one of stores in Philly while I was in college for design. At that time it was so much easier to get into home office from working at a store in Philly. Now it’s damn near impossible. I could have easily used those relationships to get into hime office but I hate everything that company stands for.

-David’s Bridal is in the suburbs

-Destination maternity used to be downtown now they are across the river in NJ

-Charming Shoppes folded…

-QVC is in the suburbs and is huge. They honestly have great company perks. It’s the kind of place ppl never leave once they get in


I second QVC. Great company to join, if you can and willing to live in the burbs.

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Totally agree. I’ve hated Nike most of my career (and know tons of people who work there/have worked there, so my opinion is not unfounded) but if they were willing to hire me at more than what I’m making now, my standards would go out the window. :joy:


Exactly:) As one of my bosses used to say in the 90’s, “put it on my no integrity pile” :wink:


Any of the URBN companies are a mess, I’ve heard such terrible things from many friends who’ve worked there.

I’ve heard similar good things about Printfresh.

I disagree about Q.

I’ve heard Lilly Pulitzer is alright, and they actually invest in their employees.

There are also smaller companies: Heyne Bogut for one…

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I’ve met 2 people who worked in design at URBN (Anthropologie and Free People) and they both loved it. Both said it was the most creative role they’ve ever had. I have read negative reviews on Glassdoor so I suppose everyone’s experience will be different.

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