AEO and Aerie- is this a good place to work?

Hi guys!

Does anyone have intel on AEO and Aerie? I have a call with a recruiter tomorrow for a design role and I wanted to dig for info regarding the inside tea or scoop on the company. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve never worked there but I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about the company. Although that was a few years ago.


I worked at the Headquarters in Pittsburgh years ago. I loved the team I worked with in Planning and Marketing and I loved Pittsburgh. HR was horrible though. I made an official complaint to a male specialist in HR that my boss was hitting on me and I felt uncomfortable. Brandon point blank asked if I really wanted a complaint like this in my employee record. I’m not sure what that even means, but I was so grossed out by both behaviors that I quit. I found out a year later (after 4 of us quit) that the same exact conversation happened with the other women I worked with. I wonder in this day of #metoo, if that would still fly.


I worked at the AEO/aerie corporate office in Pittsburgh for 4 years (pre and post Great Recession).
It is one of the more innovative brands I’ve worked for and there were a lot of great people there. Since my tenure at AE I know there has been a lot of turnover and most recently I’ve heard rumblings of a lot of tension between different departments as well as low moral. But All of this is to be expected during a pandemic and volatile retail environment.
I think you should go into your call with an open mind. The brand still has a solid reputation in the market and I believe they will continue to innovate despite the slowdown.


I have worked with them as a customer and their teams have been very professional and courteous. Definitely a pleasure to work with them in that capacity. The apparel teams seem close and I never sensed any tension in any of my meetings with them. I have been working close with them for about 2-3 years now and it’s generally been the same people. Turnover doesn’t seem high in the NY office but the teams will rotate a bit within the company (apparel to accessories for example).
Good luck!
Edit-I realize my reply is a few days after your interview so I hope it went well! :slight_smile:

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Ive worked in the New York location. Very nice people from what i know but I was in the tech design department for freelance. I have heard however that there didn’t seem to be any room to move up and also a controversial relationship that was supposedly going on that I never knew. Wishing you the best of luck that you receive an offer.

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i freelanced at both in the mid/late 00s and it was fun. beautiful space. people seemed nice.

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I’ve worked at the NY office in the design department. Firstly, no one is a designer there, everything is a rip off of something else that a VP or head found on Instagram. Expect a lot of late nights, and if you cant or don’t pull your share, those are the people that disappear (fired). Yes, they’re lovely brands, but in the end, it’s still the fashion industry and the heads are HARSH. From my understanding, designers are also underpaid. Why pay regular wages when there’s infinite amounts of girls who would work for pennies?

Also, the tech designers are extremely overworked and don’t eat lunch or go home before dark, they’re constantly working nonstop.


Oooh interesting! Would you mind sharing what team you were on?

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Have not worked there… but have only heard great things from those I know that have worked there!!!

I worked in Design in the NY office many years and can easily say it’s the best company I’ve ever worked for. Also great training, updating your skills, support system- I have friends for life because you’re living, traveling and socialising with your colleagues. Sure there’s bound to be ups and downs and dramas- nothing is an easy ride in this industry and If you put the hard work in/late nights you will do well there.

I freelanced here several times in different categories doing development in the NYC design office & it’s a pretty great company from my experience.