Qurate Group (QVC, HSN, Zulily)

Anyone have any feedback on company culture in merchandising? :blush::blush: Im in progress and would love any insight anyone has to the corp or individual divisions.

As of late many staff members in the PA headquarters has called out the lack of diversity, especially on the merchandising team. The people that I know and met during the interview process all seemed very nice. This was a few years ago and much of the HR staff from that time are no longer with the company. In the end they couldn’t meet my Salary expectations which would have been helpful to know up front. I had been ghosted by them after a successful 1st interview a few years earlier, but during the process 2 years ago they followed up even if they decided to go with another candidate.

The campus is very beautiful. From what I know they prefer to hire from referrals when possible and for it easier to hire people who already have a working relationship with each other. I Had someone recently say that In a phone interview she was told that they prefer to hire people who come from bigger brands so that she should get a job with a large retailer and then reapply. Many of the former Catherine’s team transitioned to QVC when the PA offices shut down 2 years ago.