Software alternatives for at-home work?

Does anyone have industry-level software alternatives for personal computers? Due to covid, paying for an Adobe subscription, where I’d have to continuously shell out my hard earned cash is out of the question for me. Photoshop is just the beginning - I mean all design programs, all finance programs, etc. Which ones are good quality (non-subscription) that I can download to my computer?

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Affinity photo for Mac is the same as photoshop. One time fee. It was $40, not sure if that has changed.


Thanks! I’ll check it out.

Earlier on in the pandemic. Adobe was offering different subscription models where it may be better to have the packages than single software subscriptions. My IT was trying to see if I needed additional programs because of the fee shift. Even the big companies are trying to save every penny. Pantone has also made some features Temporarily free. Google docs also has some good functioning programs that work in place of excel and are compatible.

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I prefer not to buy subscriptions. I like software that I can just buy it outright and I have it forever to use. Then no more being harassed monthly to pay for a subscription. I have enough bills I’m barely able to pay, so anything that is just a one time fee is better in the long run in my opinion. I’ll check out google - thanks!

Maybe you could find a friend and split the Adobe cloud cost. You can log into one account with two different emails. I currently at work share one cloud account with my co worker because my job is so cheap :roll_eyes:. We had to beg them to update us all to the cloud they had graphics and a few random others on cloud and everyone else on the older software… literal chaos. I do understand not wanting to pay for a subscription but you need adobe and you need /it to be up to date.

My introduction rate expired during Covid but I was unaware. When I saw the price hike in my bank account charge I called and they explained my intro rate discount. But I was told because of Covid they would allow me to keep my intro rate for another year. Maybe call and just be honest about your situation they maybe able to help you out. They probably aren’t advertising they are willing to do this because they don’t want ppl who really can afford their payments to take advantage.

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Good advice, but it only works for specific people. I’ve contacted Adobe and they do not allow that for me since I am an individual that doesn’t qualify for an intro rate anymore, and I’m not part of a company, and not a student. They’ll just continuously offer me deals where I have to pay and talk me in circles until I get so frustrated I give up trying. I was disappointed in the answers I got with my conversation with them.

They also don’t allow sharing accounts anyway so you can’t have multiple computers logged in at the same time. I am not fortunate enough to know any coworkers that would be open to wanting to share with me, and also be able to coordinate times of days where only one of us can be logged in. My employer that furloughed me will not let me use the company account from home either, and warned me they were changing the passwords as a precaution just because I asked. So no help there!

If anyone else has success making a deal with Adobe, I’d like to know.

The only other thing I could think of is finding someone you know that has the cloud at work that would be willing to let you be the 2nd user( if they don’t share accounts at work already). I’m not sure If all companies track if their are any 2nd users on their accounts. I’m buddy buddy with all my IT guys so I get away with lots of stuff most ppl can’t :joy::innocent::sunglasses::shushing_face:. Or just create a new email address and sign up for a new account with an introductory rate.