3D Software ? Clo vs Browzwear

I’ve done the CLO tutorials at home and now learning Browzwear via their Indie program.

I’m in technical design so this would be a great tool to develop some products or test out pattern corrections.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with either ?

Clo is currently offering a year sub for 50% off which is great if I can use it.

Col is the superior by far but most companies right now are using Browzwear as it is a Walmart requirement

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Thanks! I think I will get the yearly sub and practice more. A designer also told me they preferred CLO.

Honestly I think it’s well worth price even at full (550) it’s a great price for individual 3D software. And I’m sure there are so many similarities if you master one you’ll be okay if you need to work in another.

You are right. Thanks!!

CLO’s UX is much more refined and closer to the Adobe Suite in terms of interface. I too am learning BZ on their Indie program and feel while it totally gets the job done, it is much more utilitarian in feel than CLO. Its like CLO is Mac and BZ is PC. However, BZ was more aggressive in partnering with PLM systems while CLO wanted to be a stand alone solution. In apparel, you can’t have software solutions that don’t talk. CLO is catching up, partnering with Centric & BeProduct, but that is mainly because many companies like CLO as a 3D solution but use Centric as their PLM.

Either way, it is good to know how to use both in terms of your resume. Good luck & have fun!


Yes I agree! CLO is easier for me to understand. BZ doesnt stick as well. I need to practice some more and at least finish the certification. Its come a long way in the past few years when I first saw the demo. I also love how in CLO you can adjust the avatar’s measurements or use Alvanon.

I’ve been been doing the CLO tutorials during this pandemic shutdown too. There is a LOT that you can do with it, and a LOT to learn (even tho I have used other 2-D pattern software before) but I have been told by some design & technology experts that CLO is by far the superior software. Lots of tutorials on YouTube, some by CLO and some by other folks who like to share tips & tricks. If you have used 2-D pattern software before, that will help. If you have used Adobe suite before, that will help. Otherwise, for the non-tech-savvy, it will be like learning 3 languages simultaneously. And it does take a lot of time still to create a 3-D product that looks right and has all its visual and technical aspects correct as it would be for a full tech pack w/ patterns etc. So many special effects that you can create with it! Practice is the name of the game- and they are consistently updating and adding functions.


Thanks so much for the feedback! Have you tried importing a factory pattern into CLO ? I was having issues sewing the darts with one that I tried but I haven’t gone too deep into it yet. I’m hoping over the holiday break I can get back into it and even use for some of my freelance work for practice.

Hi! Yes I have tried importing some factory patterns into CLO. Not sure what the original software was, but some things don’t always transfer with properties that you can manipulate in CLO because if certain lines/shapes are not designated internal lines, for example, they may not be recognized the same way in CLO. A workaround that I have tried- takes a little time- is to trace + copy to create a version that you can manipulate in CLO. But be mindful of seam allowances etc when you trace as that can also mess you up, because in CLO you usually work in perimeter lines in the design stage until you are at a point where you move into the technical attributes & cleanup for production patterns. I am hoping to get to a stage where I can do more freelance work in CLO too. Good luck!

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that’s a smart idea! Thanks!!!