Work From Home (WFH) Stipend

Question - are any companies offering any type of stipend or monthly allowance to their employees for working from home?
I keep hearing some tech companies are but I’m curious if retail companies are…

I work for a design company and they are definitely not doing that. They give us a $15 lunch stipend for Seamless to eat when we are in the office but that’s it.

I work from home for a tech company and they give a $50 monthly stipend for internet and $200 for a home office.

This is hilarious to me. I was furloughed for a while and now am back, using my personal computer, from home. There was no help when I asked IT about borrowing a computer since I have a desktop at work. Definitely no stipend in my world.

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I was thinking the same. I work for a big company and they are not offering anything. I have had to increase my Internet speed and may need an extender too. I have no AC and barely a work space. I have also purchased supplies along the way too.

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Companies should help employees. A faster computer and better connectivity helps them in the end. Sadly so many are crying poverty I think many have to be content with unemployment. I am unemployed. Work of any sort hone or otherwise would be great


We got $250 at the beginning of the lockdown to get any supplies we needed.

I am on the same boat as you. It is insanely unfair that they do not even offer any type of help. Laptops should be provided for companies or at least a percentage off the Wifi bill.

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Partial payment of cellphone and use of our work laptops; it took several meetings to get the owner to agree, but well worth it for the team.

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Hi! I was told initially that I wouldn’t be compensated by a colleague but I went to the manager who ensured that I needed ink and paper to WFH and also needed a laptop so I was provided those things but that’s it no stipend. I did have to prove I purchased the items which is understandable.

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A lot of employers (garmentos) will look at WFH as the stipend; no commuting time or costs (sad but true).

Research your tax options. While I am NOT a tax expert NOR do I want anyone to take my advice as fact (don’t want to be sued); there are a number of tax write-offs associated with working from home that will save you a lot of money. -Maybe more money than you would make on any stipend.

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Agreed! When I was offered a job in the beginning of the pandemic they didn’t want to offer more money because of wfh and they said I’d be saving on commuting. In terms of being able to get a tax break I spoke to a tax guy that said this year they aren’t offering extra credits to claim your expenses from wfh. I’m not sure if that’s on a federal level but I think he said I could do it on the ny state taxes.

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I get $50/month in cell phone/wifi expenses, and $100/year in “home office” updates (ie: new chair, etc). The company pays for my laptop, monitor and all accessories (mouse, wireless keyboard, and those silly connectivity things that you need now that Apple doesn’t have USB ports).

Still, not having a commute (including gas, parking, mileage and oh, yeah, the time suck) makes WFH totally a win for me. Plus lunches at home, etc.