Showroom Seven / Seventh House PR

Don’t fall for their BS. They have NO money. Back in the late 90s early 2000s they were one of the top showrooms and PR agencies but since they are completely delusional and stuck in that time they don’t know how to run a business for the current market. Paychecks were ALWAYS late sometimes months at a time. They would also often bounce, my favorite was when the sales team was in Paris for market and the psycho accountant who was most likely stealing from the company (everyone in the office thought so) decided to stop all of the checks including Per firm. Anytime someone got a “raise” it was most likely never put through because the accountant didn’t like you. She also tried to physically assault an employee once when she complained about her check bouncing.

Not to mention one of the owners are verbally abusive and have caused many employees to suffer from mental issues including eating disorders.

They steal money from clients and don’t pay their bills.

I could go on and on about how messed up this company is. I don’t know how fashion brands keep getting hoodwinked into signing with them.


Meant per diem not firm (autocorrect)

I once used them as a Showroom and PR company for my independent line. The ruined most of our samples, lost the rest, never sold our product. I feel that they take small designer’s money to be in the showroom just to help pay their bills. If your product takes a little more work to sell, they don’t try. My line was in the LA showroom. When I went to visit, all the samples were stuffed in a closet and a silk dress had food all down the front. Work with someone who will really focus on your line.

Lol even if the product is easy to sell they don’t try because the employees aren’t paid. They are like the Fyre Festival of showrooms and PR agencies

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