Ever been propositioned?

Worst denim dye house company ever. i was propositioned to be the presidents side piece with a salary. i told him he could speak to my lawyer and never went back.


Not propositioned, but…In a job interview, I had a company president tell me he was late to e-Commerce because he only knows understands the internet for porn, and then started telling me about his Kardashian hate/fetish. He also conducted the interview in sweaty cycling clothes as he had just gotten back from Central Park. I mean full-on spandex, racing cycling clothes. He was also over 60 years old. He was also dropping f-bombs within the first five minutes.

I thanked him for his time and left. He tried calling me several times over the next few days to ask me to come in again for another interview. He had two of his VPs call and email me as well, pleading for me to come back, but after my ‘thanks for your time, good luck with your search’ email, I ignored all attempted contact.

Those are just a few of the highlights from that interview. If I weren’t already so jaded by this industry, I‘m sure I would’ve been much more upset at the time, but I just found myself thinking ‘Definitely do NOT want this job, but WOW - where is this conversation gonna go next?’


People are just so unbelievable. I mean whatever happened to basic HUMAN decency?

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Wow I think I know which dye house you are speaking of… Disgusting

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Yeah its pretty well know. His then fashion designer/side piece/affair was very crazy and super territorial. As if. lol. yuck.

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I heard everyone pretty much left that wash house and went to another. It I don’t know the name of the new one.

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lol. I lost all contact period. They were so bad. They held ppls paychecks sometimes two to three weeks before paying them.terrible.

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