Impacted Corporate Retail Store Leadership

Dear All

I would like to know who in this group is a former Corp Retail Store leader (Area, District, Regional, Director, and Above) and was impacted by Covid causing a job loss.

Perhaps we can help each other with what we are seeing in the job market, interviews, and keep each other motivated.

Many of you on this chat are on the design/production side and unfortunately, that’s not applicable for me.

So if Corp Store Leadership is your field I would love to hear from you.


Hi -

Retail leader here (multi-unit and Director)… it seems like our roles were the first to be eliminated across the board. I’m not having much luck interviewing as of yet. Made it to final rounds with two companies in August and then we were shut down again. A couple recruiters trying to get me into a store role but I would rather take a pay cut and pivot to be fully corporate.

How are you faring?

Thanks for your note. I also made it to final rounds on two positions in August oddly enough. But both roles were relo positions as multi-store positions that are NY metro-based have been consolidated and for the most part have not come back right now. Plus a few brands went bankrupt.
I also was contacted by The Real Real recruiting team and although I applied and they have open a few corporate positions the recruiter was trying to sell me on running a store and working my way up. I told her that I would not consider that. There is something strange internally at that company so buyer beware.
Since Jan the market in NY Metro has slightly picked up and I am in talks on two roles currently but both unfortunately, are a major pay cut. But I realize with the salary dumps it will take some time for director level pay to reach a proper level again.

I wish you success. It’s super challenging right now and I honestly don’t see any real recovery until 2022 at the earliest.

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Interesting, one of the roles in August would have required relocation as well. You are right to be cautious with the Real Real - I haven’t heard the most positive things and have a connection who found it so horrible they left after only two months.
Pay is a huge issue - I’m trying to wait it out but fear that you’re right about a recovery timeline, and I can’t go that long without a FT role (both financially and for my own sanity!)
Best of luck with your current interviews!

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Thank you for your well wishes. We will talk again as we both continue to look for new employment.