Sanctuary Clothing

Any insight to the working environment at Sanctuary Clothing in LA? We have a great job posted for them and NO ONE is applying.

I worked there for one year several years ago and loved it initially, but then was completely blindsided. It is a typical L.A company where husband and wife are owners, there isn’t much structure, the workload is heavy, and the changes are constant. If you were salaried, you still had to fill out a time card and be reprimanded for not coming in “on time”, but no mention about staying way too late. When I joined morale was low and 3 people left my first week.
I don’t know how they currently operate and that was my experience years ago, but it sounds like word is out, much like working for BCBG back in the day and their bad reputation.


@Fashionvet, thanks for the info. You KNOW it’s bad when a company gets compared to BCBG.


Ok maybe it’s not AS bad but certainly similar overtones!!


I’ve also heard negative things about Sanctuary, which is too bad bc the location is nice and it seems like it should be a good job!

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I’ve worked there as well, and this info is correct. The workload was very heavy and the office dynamic was so odd. Employees would get “in trouble” for talking to coworkers. Really felt like working under a microscope. I was freelance, yet my first week I was thrown into leading sales presentations and scolded for not knowing the product better. Would not recommend to friends in the industry, personally.


i’ve freelanced there several years ago & the hiring manager would reprimand me because i showed up early (like 10-15 minutes) because that’s how i roll. i finished my project too quickly & was asked not to return. it was weird.

since then, they hired a design team higher up that i worked w/ at another company & with her help walking me through the interview process & designing a project (for free) with her extensive input, i still didn’t get the job. turns out, a former colleague that also worked w/ us had the exact same experience.

the owners are really picky, from what i’ve heard.

i don’t even bother at this point when i see their name posted.

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May I ask what the job is? I don’t believe I’ve seen it. Though times are tough and I have friends desperate for work…

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@CubbyBroccoli Here you go: