Feedback on TechStyle (Fabletics and/or SavagexFenty)

Looking to work at either company. Would like know how the environment is? Salaries? Etc

Worked at Techstyle for 5 years. Salary to begin with wasn’t competitive but they have become more comparable with market.

I would RUN from Fabletics because of the Chief Merch/Design officer. Petty, talks behind people’s backs, has favorites. He’s from the old school retail club where you have to treat people badly and haze them so they feel special when you allow them into your exclusive club.

Multiple reports to HR (besides myself) who did nothing. Multiple anonymous surveys about the morale and management. The results were shared and it was obvious he was a detriment to the culture and not bringing people up.

Savage X…his favorite employee was moved there as Dir of Merch and I have heard she is spreading the same toxic vibe. So depends on who you work for.


I have had several high level coworkers work here, from designers, heads of production, patternmakers to textile dept heads. ALL have said it is HIGHLY TOXIC with high turnover and that people are mean to one another and unprofessional. It is in a very cool building literally a few blocks from the ocean in Manhattan Beach surrounded by great restaurants unlike so much sleazy run down buildings in DTLA or Vernon, but it won’t matter because you will want to get out within a year anyway.


Do you have friends that work at both companies or just one of them?