Feedback on Centric Brands

Thoughts? I have heard a lot of negative things about leadership/upper management.

Unfortunately, everyone I know that’s worked there has noted they are paid heavily under market value and raises are limited. Most of the product services Walmart, TJM, Costco, etc to my knowledge.

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I’d double-check the Walmart, TJM, Costco comment. Centric Brands owns Robert Graham, Favorite Daughter, Joe’s Jeans, Hudson Jeans, Herve Leger, Zac Posen.

They might do discount work too but have a lot of top tier brands in their portfolio.

As for the salaries, I have no idea. A lot of that will depend on what the job seeker brings to the equation.

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You’ve got me - I was playing coy because I hate that this forum risks doxxing designers. But, I’ll answer more directly since I guess who cares if Centric deduces who I am.

It’s not that they “may” do discount work “too” - the significant bulk of the headcount, resource allocation, and top-down interest are in the low-price, off-price, and licensing teams for character licensing (ELG), uniforms (KHQ/Kid’s Sportswear), and others. Then there’s licenses for mid-price goods like swim for Billabong and underwear for Gap, for which work for those many licenses will be shoehorned in at 10pm by a tired and small team in the Socks/Intimates group. This cycle will continue until those intimates designers quit, and the revolving door brings in more.

Most of the luxury and high-end brands serviced in the portfolio are for off-price product, ie. Tory Burch and MK… socks for Costco. Tommy Hilfiger kid’s sweaters for TJ Maxx. Coach headwear accessories and FRYE are fun groups, and you can decide if worth the work and environment to get on sale during the sample sale.

Of the hundreds of brands serviced, the HEAVY majority of the total product are for licenses, and very few are owned (Herve Leger, Robert Graham, etc) and corporate does not prioritize resources towards the small brands over groveling to Walmart. Favorite Daughter is joint ownership. Herve Leger is a minute portion of the business which is underfunded in comparison to the behemoth Walmart kid’s pajama teams.

Take a gander at the public LinkedIn Page and website if you’d like to double check how they self-list if you’d like to confirm licenses vs. ownership.