NY, I love you, but

I’m wondering how many people are thinking about leaving the city these days. Rising crime is on my mind today, but combine that with high taxes, high cost of living, high density living (which never bothered me before the virus) and so many who have been forced to work remotely. It seems like people might be inclined to give up the city for life in the burbs. NJ and CT, of course, are options but the commute can be hell. Just curious if people are changing their domicile as a result of recent events. If so, where are your greener pastures?


To be honest working with economist and technologist in my work as a producer and director in the last 3 years alone has opened my eyes to the slow demise that is NYC. I started splitting time between Brooklyn and DC in 2018 and made my full escape recently to the South and West Coast. Although covid19 response in some areas are terrible, you can create your own community with family/closefriends/neighbors that easily align with you and the difference in the cost of living already makes me richer than I felt living in Brooklyn the last decade as keeping up with the rent alone has been nightmarish even as an Exec-level in the industry. I would definitely recommend going to Maryland, Virginia, PA, and I hear parts of CT are great.


Moved to CO 3 years ago and never looked back. The job market here is very different, and you’ll still find people/ companies who only want to hire “Natives” (those born and raised in CO), but it’s a slower pace and definitely a shorter commute, depending on where you live/ work. Overall, COL is a bit higher than I would like but taxes are far less. Normal goods, etc are the same as out east. You have a lifestyle/ culture of outdoors here, which is awesome!


I’ve worked in New York City for 20 years, lived in Brooklyn (Park Slope) for 10 years, and then moved to and live in Westchester County for 10 years. I lost my footwear design job because of the Covid shut-down in March. While being quarantined, I took an online real estate course and got my license. From the short period of time selling real estate in Westchester County, I can tell you people are bolting out of Manhattan and fleeing to the suburbs. Honestly, I don’t blame them with the ability to work from home. Why stay in a 500 square foot studio in NYC with riots/looting outside your building, when for the same price you can get a really nice quiet 1-2 bedroom apartment with a pool/yard/close to bike paths/parks/nature centers/etc. Also, once the Covid ends, you’re still just a quick 30-60 minute train commute to Grand Central.


I really don’t understand why anyone who isn’t a millionaire lives in NYC. The cost of living is unrealistic and the quality of life sucks. I’m convinced everyone living there making less than 6 figure is suffering from a acute form Stockholm syndrome. Siri play that Sarah McLachlan song from the SPCA commercial*


right now prices have dropped 35 percent
there a lot frat deals if u want to stay in NYC

I’m feeling the same about West New York, NJ which is right across the Hudson from Manhattan. I ended up there because the rent on my apartment on the UES was jacked too high for me and my sister was living in WNY at the time. I liked the convenience for commuting into NYC and I like the neighborhood, but I’m now looking to relocate out of the area for a lower cost of living and lower taxes. I just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. I’m glad I had my time in NYC, but it’s time to move on. I would LOVE to move to San Diego, but I would most likely change careers in order to relocate there.

Levi’s is in San Diego… idk what position you have in fashion but you might be able to find something there.

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I lived in Brooklyn for 5 years while working in Manhattan. Between my student loan payments and the cost of living I could not justify staying in NYC. I moved back home (North Carolina) after loosing my job I haven’t had too much luck finding a new position in the south east though. Does anyone have any suggestions because I really truly do not want to move back to NYC. I am thinking about Florida?


Please. Anywhere but Florida.

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Hi @Nini. why not Florida?

Too many crazy things happening in Florida all the time.

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just curious-- what’s a frat deal?

try Unifi or other textile companies still left in NC. good luck!!!
I think Catherine’s might be there…???

Thanks @garmento I’ll look into it.