Considering Relocation?

With the pandemic, the exponential rise in crime and urban unrest, anyone considering relocation to another state? Maybe out of the city (NY/LA/SF) to a commutable suburb?

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I would LOVE to have the option to relocate to a more isolated area - in case things get worse, but I am hesitant that my new job would not be stable enough to get a decent salary to pay rent to live in a new location.


On Sunday I relocated from NYC to North of the Bay Area to live with my family at this time. We are in a remote area and I would be happy to find work here. It was difficult to leave my home of 30 years but the city is not what it use to be. I will always have fond memories of my successful career in the fashion there. I was happy for the first 10 years before the decline in 2008. Commuting to SF for work is a possibility, if all else fails. Keeping all options open.