NY Design Job market

How is the job market for Senior Designer & Design Director roles right now in the NY area? News reports are of a strong job market but I am not seeing it. And while I am at it - what are going salaries for these positions currently? Thanks in advance for your input!

The reports of a strong job market don’t take into account workforce participation rates. We actually have a lot fewer people working now, than pre-covid. Another thing to consider is that individual industries go into their own recessions. Right now, apparel, accessories and fashion in general is in a recession.

StyleCareers.com is hearing from a lot of employers and recruiters that they have hiring freezes. We’re not seeing a lot of new jobs on our competitors boards either (and we look).

The good news is that our industry is a leading indicator. We’re usually first into a recession but also, first out.


Thank you for the input!

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My biggest observation rn is the lack of remote work at the associate level. Lost my job/apartment in 2020 and moved back in with family. I had several steady, remote fashion gigs in 2021-22 but now i’m struggling to find work.

The jobs that do exist are hybrid/on-site, which is fine except I can’t afford to relocate. Companies don’t want to cover moving expenses, so I’m stuck.

Can’t move out with a job, can’t get a job unless I move out. It’s a frustrating catch 22.

Getting ready to sell a kidney or something, idk :sweat_smile:


Have you found a similar slow down in freelance as well?

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I think all work opportunities are slow including freelance.