Li Fung or the Fung group

I’m conducting research on Li Fung or Fung group. Has anyone interviewed or worked here? What is the company culture/climate?

I worked there as a parttime freelancer. It did not feel stuffy or corporate. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. The endless meetings were my biggest issue. I do admit I hated the products I was designing, very farty missy private label. My full time employee friends hated the long hours and the politics. I enjoyed the culture because I was freelance and didn’t have to deal with office politics.


Hateful place when I was there full time a very long time ago.
Long hours, impossible deadlines.
I was booking and escape to Paris for my birthday for a 4 day weekend.
My boss didn’t want to give me the extra day. Said she would think about it.
A week later she said yes and my ticket cost an extra $300.
I still keep her apology letter from after I resigned some time later.
Many of us reported her to HR and she had to go through some kind of “sensitivity training” program.
I started there as a freelancer. I remember my interview. The only time I left an interview in tears because the person had thoroughly humiliated me. I had already been in the industry 8 years. I guess that was my red flag to run for the hills. lol It really depends on which division, and who you work for.


I worked for Global Brands Group which at the time was a Li + Fung company. The best thing is they have deep pockets and many brands, so you could have access to discounts at all the brands and connections to all of these humans in a vast network. That being said you really have to like the brand you start at because they are all run in silos.

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Anyone recently worked at L&F?
I hve had a interviews with them in my past careers a cpl of times, never hooked me enough to proceed to the end, plus never heard positives from the peers-
curious if the company culture/style got better over the Pandemic?
Anyone can show some insight?

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Your experience sounds similar to a friend of mine. He’s from Sweden and was to be a groomsman in his best friend’s wedding. The boss continually told him she will think about it. Then she finally said “yes”. He purchased his airline ticket and like you, he had to pay extra. Days before he was about to leave, the boss reneged. He told her “sorry, but I already bought my ticket”. She said “well, un-buy it!” (what does that even mean)? She then told him if he went on his trip, to not bother coming in the Monday he was due back.

He went on his trip. The following Monday, he returned, sat at his desk. My coworkers and I were silent. She went to him and said “oh, you’re back” and gave him some work to do.

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