How to give your two weeks notice ... during Covid

Giving your two weeks can be stressful under normal conditions now add to it the pandemic. I’ve read lots of advice to give notice on Monday. But also saw someone mention a sneaky company could roll your pay back to Friday… and avoid paying for that last Monday. I myself think Friday is the best day as it’s a full week and leaves nothing to question of “funny” calculations. But further more this is usually done in person. If you are fully or partially remote how’s the best way to give notice? Please share your thoughts on this topic. Feel free to share how you’ve handled this in the past and or how you think it should be handled under current circumstances.


I read great advice online on how to do this during the remote work/Covid 19 time. The advice is to have a written resignation letter; schedule a video meeting with your boss (like a short 30 minute touchbase or check in), right as the meeting starts and your boss is on the call, send him/her an email with the letter. Communicate your resignation in the video and reference the letter sent to make sure it was received. You can thank them for the opportunity and do those formal niceties. Or maybe you’re trying to go out in style and burn some bridges with some brutal honesty. Your pick!

Having a resignation letter helps, I’ve heard HR keeps them on file, and if they do your letter serves as a paper trail to show the departure was on good terms, and has your contact info if you ever work there again.

If you’re concerned about breaking the news gently and are concerned for the message recipient, don’t do it on a Monday as the 1st day of the workweek is the hardest for people (on a real physical level people are adjusting from the weekend). Why don’t you do it on a Thursday or Friday? I’ve experienced and heard companies typically laying people off on Thursday or Fridays- gives people a break instead of suffering through the entire week.

You’re in a better position of leaving on your own terms rather than being let go, nothing to be nervous about!

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Oh wow such great advice. I’d never think to schedule a zoom. I myself don’t do very many zooms so I think it would raise a brow. But for those completely remote it would definitely be the best way. Also sending the email once logged in is a great idea so they have it in writing.My job has no real HR so I’m sure that letter of made would not go any further than my bosses trash bin. Never want to burn brides but I won’t be back.

I also agree Monday is not a great day. The last thing you want to hear is you’re about to be down one team member. No amount of coffee and cigarettes will help that situation. I’ve usually given my notice mid week a previous jobs. Just always seems to work out that way.

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