Home address vs work location

I was just recently told by an acquaintance that the reason I may not be getting any interviews is because my resume address - my home - is located outside of the area the job is located in. For example job is in Manhattan and say I live in NJ or PA etc. is anyone encountering this? It worries me now as I’ve sent countless resumes and I’ve heard nothing from anyone. I could change the address to a friends address in the city (where I actually used to reside half the month, for 4 yrs as they worked overseas and traveled back and forth). Commuting has never been an issue for me. Thoughts?


As a professional resume writer in the retail industry, I can’t see that being a concern at all. When a recruiter searches their database, they should realize that many applicants may come from a different state (in situations where the proximity is quite close). If they only searched for people in NY, they’d be severely limiting their options. I just can’t see them making that kind of mistake.

Best to be honest with your address, although you don’t need a full address. If you’re concerned about privacy, city/state/zip is enough. And you can always address the commute in your cover letter, if you think it may concern the recruiter.


It was an issue for me and my friends who all lived in and around Philadelphia. I removed my address off my resume until I had 2 jobs under my belt in NYC. But if it’s a remote position it shouldn’t matter. But this is fashion and things never make sense…


I don’t have my address on my resume- not even city/state.

Most companies assume if you are applying then you live within commuting distance.

If you are applying for something that is out of commuting distance- but you are willing to relocate and assume any transportation costs for the interview process- then this also the best way to go. Once you get the interview, be clear that you are fully committed and planning to move for the job (unless it’s remote).

Of course, if you are high level, bigger companies will pay to relocate you… but these tend to be C-Suite jobs.


Take your address off your resume altogether. Home addresses on resumes are no longer relevant. Put your Linked In link on instead.


I also live in the NJ area and have applied to jobs and worked in NYC. I don’t add my address on my resume (just my email, phone, website, and Linkedin). In the past when I did include my location on my resume, I just wrote Tri-State area or NY Tri-State Area. I hope that is helpful.


When I write my resume I never put my actual address because when you send it out there could be a number of people who see it before it gets into the right hands. I always put my area. For instance. Manhattan Area… Or I would put LA Area, Chicago Area. No need to have my actual address before you start at a company.


I had the same concern and decided to remove it. No city, state, nothing. Just linkedin, email, phone. Also, my Linkedin location is matching the city I’m trying to relocate to.
When I fill the online forms/applications, if mandatory, in the address field I type “relocating to City__” and I always enter a zip code of that area, in case the ATS is instructed to exclude out of states candidates.