HIRING NOW: Urgent Need Fashion Positions

HIRING NOW! Urgent Need Fashion Positions for the second half of week 7, 2021…

Finally! Jobs that are serious about hiring! Thanks, I’ve interviewed at 2 of these in the past. I wonder if these are going to be in-office or remote. Golden Touch Imports had the most cramped office space ever when I was there a few years ago for an interview. Elbows touching your coworkers at your desks. That’s kind of why I felt uneasy afterwards if they were to decide to hire me. This was before covid. I just felt uncomfortable and cramped as my overall experience. Yeah, this was a company that forces Unpaid design tests too during the in-person interview!! Beware


are any of the jobs available for out of state candidates?

Please go to www.stylecareers.com to search, view and apply to fashion jobs.


Have looked at stylecareers and have not see any virtual remote only roles

@Jrock6, all of these positions have the word REMOTE in the job title or description. Granted, a few may say “not a remote” position. :slight_smile:


Similarly, our Freelance search function allows you to see Remote positions (technically/legally, all Freelance positions have some sort of remote component). Granted, some of these “freelance” positions are “contract” positions and not remote.