Are Fashion Jobs Becoming Remote?

I was wondering if anyone knows if fashion jobs have already started to become remote?

I know in NYC that some have come back to the office, but I’m wondering if places in CA are accepting remote work positions?

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I’m in LA, and am lucky enough to work for a tech style company that is currently remote.

However, that is NOT the norm. Most places in LA/OC are all back in the office… That’s what I’ve heard from friends and recruiters.

Same old “butts-in-seats” mentality… if I can’t WATCH you working, then you’re not working. :frowning:


Le sigh…Guess ill just apply and find out anyways.

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In NYC the companies are wrangling people back to the office. Many are starting with 3 days on and two off. That said…big push to get back to the way it was. Fashion biz in NYC loves tradition. The owners like seeing the people they are paying too.


I’m in los angeles and most are doing half in and half home. If you are interviewing for a job in cali and don’t live here, I would just make sure you’d able to move out here at the drop of a dime.

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I’ve been fully remote since March 1st. I’m an independent contractor who worked on-site at an office in the city, but because my health isn’t great I went into full isolation when covid hit. I work for a few companies in different states who luckily are flexible enough to let me wfh full time. I think if I was officially employed though, instead of working as an independent party, the situation would be very different.


I’ve been remote since March and they have no plans to get everyone back in the office any time soon.

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