Grading in CLO3D


I’m trying to up my CLO skills and I’ve been forcing myself to try to do full patterns & grades in CLO.

However, I’m not finding it to be super efficient. I can’t tell if it’s that I just need to learn better workflows & how to use the tools to my advantage, or if I’m doing something that doesn’t really make sense.

Do any of you out there work exclusively in CLO? How do you feel about the grading abilities (and other patternmaking things)?

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I work in CLO3D for bags not apparel but whatever you are experiencing is probably what I’m experiencing too. The workflow is definitely clunky! I ended up having to pay an Clo3D expert & certified teacher to teach me all the tricks to get around the problems, which she did. Even then it only solved 50% of my problems and the rest is still on CLO’s interface.

According to this expert, CLO is trying to update their interface and add new features to accommodate many of the problems we experience. But they only focus on the biggest complains left in their public forum or support emails, so whatever beef you have start emailing them. If you are interested, I can connect you with this CLO expert/teacher.

Best of Luck