Continued Learning for PMs & TDs

Would love to hear how everyone stays on top of continuing their skills in this area?

Has anyone subscribed to Motif? Experiences so far?

Skillshare? YouTube tutorials?

What, specifically, do you feel you need or would like to learn about?

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What is Motif?
I keep up on skills through GerberU, the ones I have gone through are bite sized how-to tutorials. I have no experience with Skillshare. Other than that, CLO3D has a good amount of tutorials for their 3D software.

2 Likes is run by Alvanon. they’ve been offering more and more online classes in various subjects around patternmaking, tech design, textiles & so on. I’ve been thinking about signing up for a yearlong membership, but curious on others thoughts about it.

I’ve watched a few Skillshare classes on CLO3D and now I’m doing one about textiles.

Is GerberU part of your gerber license? I think it’s paid members only, correct? Gerber used to have lots of little tips and and open forum, I don’t know what happened to that :confused:

Oooh, I’ll have to check that out!

Seems like CLO3D info is super easy to find, thankfully.

Yeah, unfortunately it is an additional charge for the longer classes (which is why I’ve only checked out the shorter ones) and you have to have a Gerber subscription.