Companies/Brands Using 3D

Now that 3D is becoming more popular in the fashion industry, I’m curious as to which companies are implementing 3D into thier workflow, how those companies are using the technology, what software they are using (CLO, Browzwear, Lotta, etc.), what positions are opening up for 3D designers, and how much are 3D designers getting paid?


Re: 3D usage, call the company, they will generally tell you who is using this as they want people to know.

We are starting to use Browzwear. But we aren’t hiring more people or getting paid more, just adding it on to our current job.


In my experience, it is getting wrapped into job descriptions for either pattern makers or tech designers, with salaries being reflective of those two existing positions

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Question to all 3-D designers and tech designers: what level of company is adopting the new, and obviously useful, technology? Is it large, mass market firms? I currently freelance in tech design for high end companies, and they would never pay for 3-D programs. They don’t even use PLM, they use Excel, and one company still sketches by hand! Are there any designer brands using 3-D programs?


I’m late to this party but I agree- it’s shocking how behind in technology most fashion companies are. Very few of them are willing to make the investment. From what I’ve heard, it sounds like most companies will look to outsource this skill, at least for the time being. For some reason, many brands seem to be wanting their factories to provide 3D visualizations (which seems a bit odd to me, personally, factories are not generally equipped for this). I foresee factories outsourcing this work to skilled 3D artists/patternmakers and the same on the brand side, I see them hiring 3D artists/patternmakers for their own internal 3D needs.

I actually just got a contract to help pilot 3D work for a fairly well known brand. I’ve seen some patternmaking/tech design jobs looking for 3D, but this is a 3D only role, so I’m excited for what this might mean going forward! I still think this is unique, so many brands will hardly buy enough patternmaking software licenses for all of their patternmakers, much less allow them to work in 3D (ugh!).

It’s has potential to be such an amazing, cost-savings tool, but for some reason higher ups seem hesitant to invest in it.

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I would love to work in 3D more as a designer. I’m also seeing that most 3D roles or there are for technic design. Does the company your working for train designers in 3D?

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