Disability laws/wfh

I recently have been injured and can’t commute into work. My company is giving me a hard time about working remotely. I can do my job just fine from my house. They’re asking me to take short term disability, but the disability doesn’t cover anything- I would get maybe $100 a week.
Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this?

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I am not familiar with this but does your employer offer disability insurance? some have tot pay you at lest 40% too 100% of your wages, it varies per state and the company. If you feel like you can, could you reach out to the following agencies?

  1. HR to talk about “leaves/short term disability” (not sure if the push back is coming from HR or ur manager?)

  2. Dept of Labor/short term disability (i would try to go in person, you could be on hold forever)

  3. Short Term Disability vs. Long Term Disability Insurance | Paychex

  4. One of the google results state “To qualify for short-term disability benefits, an employee must be unable to do their job, as deemed by a medical professional” so I am assuming your medical team can also help advise? your health insurance? doesn’t hurt to ask…

  5. Seems like HR or ur employer would need to review your medical documentation to make a decision!?
    Ask an Expert: Are We Required to Let an Employee on Short-Term Disability Work from Home?

Ugh sorry that you are going through this. I hope you find a solution!

be careful with this. It happened to a friend of mine. After Short term disability she was pushed into unemployment and laid off. Even at 70 as a bookkeeper she intended on working at least another 5 years. This was th. time extended UI started. but. she could. easily have worked from home.

I just returned to work after short term disability. You’re correct, the state STD is very low, the amount is very low and varies by state. I have disability insurance through my employer that helped pickup most of the rest. An employer is required to hold your position by law via the Affordable Care Act.
Check with your state’s laws regarding a work from home alternative. Request a letter from your doctor listing your abilities and limitations, a form letter should be available online ar Dept of Labor website or SSI. Also, your doctor’s office manager may have the form. They should be familiar dealing with situations like yours.
An employee has more rights than they realize, in most cases, you just have to do more legwork to find it. Call the Dept of Labor and SSI for advise. Knowledge is power. Good luck!