Parigi - Is this a good place to work?

Hi All,

I was considering on applying for a Designer job at PARIGI. (Children’s Wear)

Does anyone have feedback about this company? Good or Bad.

I appreciate your input. Thank you.

They have two stars out of five. I thought they are recruiting company…?

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Thank you.

On GlassDoor, Parigi Group Ltd put out a job post for a Head Designer. It is a Children’s Wear company.

I heard of them, but I do not know anyone that has worked there. So I am not sure if I should apply.

I’ve heard bad things about this company. A very good friend of mine worked there some years created a whole line and was let go just before it was time to present her line.

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Had a friend that worked there. It was okay but from what I understand a bit chaotic when he came to lay offs. They filed her and a bunch of others in a room and laid them of. She was asked to come back not too long after that…then they laid her off again. I think they tried to ask her back a 3rd time. She told them to kick rocks. I believe both lay offs were right before Christmas… real classy


I was doing freelance there a few years ago. It is a very toxic environment, but it depends on which division you work in. I was in the DKNY children’s wear. I was freelance so I worked my 8 hours a day. Many people would work 10+ hours a day.
Good luck, a job is a job, and bills need to be paid.


Thank you for your feedback. That is terrible what happened you your friend. I am sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately, that has also happened to me. 4 years at my former company, (I was let go in March), I had samples coming in from China, I saw some, but was let go because of COVID-19. So, all my hard work, staying late, working extra on weekends on my own time, was all for nothing.

COVID-19 does suck, but it has made me realize I need to find a better balance with work and my life.


Thank you for your reply. Wow! That is just awful! They seem very unorganized and heartless.

Sorry your friend had to go through that. I guess 3rd times the charm. Glad she moved on.

Thank you for your input. I guess Freelancing versus Full-time is the better option here. Your personal experience is very helpful.

Being laid off is not easy. However, it is not just a job to me, it is my career. Half of my life is spent at work. I want to be happy and not dread it. I am being cautious in finding the right fit.

Though, You are right. Bills need to get paid. I may consider freelancing to test out the company. You made a smart move doing that. :+1:

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they still exist? i worked here over ten years ago in product development. there were layoffs every other month. in fact, i was freelancing there when they laid off an entire department & then offered me the job of one of the women let go.
i would avoid them.