XCVI company review

The location sucks, but at least it’s a little closer to the arts district? XCVI sits on the border of Vernon, in a frightfully dilapidated warehouse. The place looks like a sweatshop, but it’s not. The work is simple and straightforward, and designers are easy to work with. The AC works and people are nice, the general mood is pretty happy. Especially among the production sewers! This is a rare bird these days- a vertical operation.

They design, develop, and produce their own line(s) as well as private label. And people all seem pretty happy to be there. Most of the patternmakers are Russian, so I did feel a bit out of place as I don’t speak Russian, so I couldn’t participate in the chit chat. The view was horrible, overlooking a dusty pile of broken concrete. So if you have asthma, this might not be a good place to work. But overall it was a pleasant group of people. I just wish they could get into a better building. The pay was OK and the software was ANCIENT but we got by alright. I seem to recall we were on an old version of Tukatech.

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