Vince Company Review

I loved working there and wanted to stay. I was a freelance patternmaker in ~2014. It felt so safe, professional, calm, cool, and collected. Yes, they crank out a lot of designs. But it’s all very simple and straightforward. Natalie Ratabesi was Design (Artistic?) Director at the time and she is AWESOME to work for. She had me come work for her at other companies too. OK, it’s a BIG company with very silo’d departments.

And the head of Tech Design has changed since I was there, so it might be a completely different experience. She’s at Ralph now and a dream to work for. She took a chance on me, letting me learn Gerber on the job when nobody else would. I have been playing with computers since I was 8, and already was a pro in Lectra, PAD, and Tukatech. So not knowing Gerber was just silly since entirely too many companies put up with that antiquated, overpriced garbage. So yeah, all the people I worked with, from design to production, were nice. It’s also in a chic part of Hollywood, close enough to Larchmont for lunch at Cafe Gratitude or Lemonade. Or you could eat in the office cafeteria which feels more like a cafe it’s so chic. It’s a LEED (gold or platinum, I forget which) building and it SHOWS!

I know Vince is a huge company so other people’s experience may vary…