Work Cell Phone

I have never had a work cell phone before and just got one with my new job. Any advice on proper usage ettiquette? I obviously know the major no’s. Thank you!

Congrats on the new job! It will actually be nice for you to be able to break away and keep work separate from your personal but that also means needing to always have 2 phones nearby.

Will you be expected to have your phone on all the time and answer off hours? That will determine if you are able to turn off notifications or if you will always “be on call”.

Only load apps that you need for work and that you will be able to login with your work email.
Don’t do personal searches on the phone and even avoid simple games etc.

Contacts, calendars, and all will probably merged with your desktop and will be visible by IT or management etc.

Ask about scanners and/or apps that you may need for work and ask if you could have them preloaded. Sounds like you have common sense and maybe others will have better advice.

Good luck and congrats again!

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Thank you so much for the tips!

You probably know the obvious… treat it like your phone in your office or the computer in your office. Try not to have any personal messages, hop on personal websites (shopping) or personal calls on them. But most importantly, dont let it take over your life, meaning you can be reached after hours and weekends. Its the most common mistake/abuse once starts to get with a company phone. Answering company emails on weekends, replying texts during non working hours are the gateway to losing
your personal life.