Covid-19 Mandatory return to office

Who here has been required to return to the office in NYC? How do you feel about it? Do you feel safe?

I was asked to come back starting June 22nd, but only 2/3 days per week as we had to space out everyone in the office to be at only 50% capacity.
I was nervous at first and actually drove in for the 1st 2 weeks because I wasn’t sure about public transportation coming from NJ. And wasn’t 100% sure my office would be ready/prepared enough.
Turns out the office was pretty prepared. The temperature checker in the entrance is not the correct one however, not sure if they will be getting the correct one soon? Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes available everywhere. Plexiglass partitions up where needed, all kitchens closed, there was supposed to be water on every floor/area but didn’t see it.
My last day (before I was let go because of $ problems) I did take NJ Transit trains in and out. They were completely empty and everyone I saw was wearing a mask. We’ll see how they keep up with it as more people start going back though.

I think that’s what makes me more nervous, is when there are more people. Tensions will be high with everyone and one little cough or sneeze even in a mask might set someone off.


Is everyone following protocol & wearing masks?

Btw, I replied before I realized you were let go. I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s a really tough situation, especially if your customers are retailers that were closed or also hurting, like a terrible domino effect.


I started a thread about Covid response and compliance yesterday. Some of what you’re taking about my be talked about there too


What category? I’ll check it out.

It’s called Covid response and compliance. Type in Covid in ten search bar. I will pop right up. :innocent:

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Thx for the sympathy @passion4fashion. I’m hoping it will bounce back quickly.

But to answer your first question, yes, everyone was wearing masks and trying to distance themselves.

Does anyone know what to do if your back-to-work situation has unsafe elements in it, and you are REQUIRED to be in the office? Besides talking to HR or your manager (let’s say those things have already been done), and there are things happening within the office that puts the staff at risk (and also anyone they come into contact with after, like their families or roommates)… what can be done? Are there any legal rights?