Working from home-company responses

Does your company promote and/ flexible work from home or do they insist on regular 9-5 in office work only

Hi! My company promotes 9-6 pm and most of the time silently promotes even later.
I’ve had many bosses text me at 8,9pm at night.
Just to note I do not agree or condone with this behavior at all.

We have employees with school aged children that requested work at gone option for 2 days a week but were denied. We have older employees that also requested some stay at home days to limit their exposure on public transportation and they too were denied. I was wondering how many companies are not allowing remote work or if we were the anonmoly

My company- which is quite progressive and run like a tech company- has been WFH since March, and will continue through December, at least.

Most of my friends in the industry (in LA) are not so lucky- they are back in the office. I’ve been contacted by a number of recruiters about freelance/full time roles they are looking to fill- and ALL of them were for IN OFFICE ONLY.