Who’s who? Tell me the End Game

Who is this site for? How many people are on the site? What’s the end game here? A place to vent? Are you going to use this information when you allow people to pay you to post jobs on your site? Are you going to clean up your site and stop allowing people to post the same job over and over or let the jobs sit on your site for MONTHS?


I’ve left the industry after 12 years because after growing into more and more senior roles, I am only further exposed to and affected by the rampant discrimination in fashion and retail. I have lost all hope and changed career paths but maybe sharing our experience can make things better for those still there. I would love to hear positive stories (if they’re out there) or feel any hope for fairness in the workplace.


@Benjara11, The Schmatte is a place for fashion industry professionals to discuss issues related to their careers; that’s it, no end game. Currently, there are roughly 1200 people participating. The site may eventually have banner advertising but nothing else; no selling of email addresses, no job listings, etc…

Why are we helping promote this site? There are a lot of issues that people can’t discuss on LinkedIn. For example, if someone is going to interview at Company X, people on the forum who have interviewed with that company can give them advice. Similarly, if someone is considering working at a specific company, they can ask the group and possibly get feedback that you couldn’t get on LinkedIn or The Ladders.

There are several sites like this but none specifically for the fashion industry.


@Benjara11 As for job listings on StyleCareers.com, there are a lot of reasons why agencies and/or employees might list a job for longer than 30 days. With respect to relatively common positions, like an Assistant Designer or Buyer, the same job ad can be used for several different openings. In the industry these are called “evergreen” ads.

Some companies post positions with plans of future openings; so they can have ready-to-present talent once they get the go ahead. This has been particularly true during the lockdowns and exasperated by the lack of leadership/guidance from government officials.

Ultimately, companies wouldn’t keep paying to re-post job listings they don’t plan to fill. No one can afford to waste money in this climate.


Thanks for responding! It will be a good resource for people to use in real time instead of dated reviews we find on glass door!

Thanks for filling the need!


I actually received very helpful answers here when I asked my question about money. I think it’s great. People usually don’t share this information in reality.