Looking for assistant level designers

Does anyone have a good resource for finding design talent in the early stages of their careers? It’s hard to find them!

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Following! I have been wondering as well, also for associates.

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@passion4fashion and @Blackberry2000 -y’all are both killing me. :slight_smile:

The Schmatte is owned and managed by StyleCareers.com. DM me and I’ll get you 50% off any purchase on the site.

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Is there a way to look for junior talent specifically?

Of course. :slight_smile:

You can also search by…

CATEGORY (apparel, accessories, footwear, textiles and home fashion)
EXPERTISE (womens, mens, juniors, young mens, childrens, etc…)
JOB FUNCTION (ie design - product/fashion, design - graphics/prints, design - packaging, design - technical, etc…)
REGION (NY Metro, Southern California, Midwest, etc…)

There are more granular search options too.

Job listings are email-blasted to candidates based on the Categories Functions and Regions.

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are you looking for menswear or womens? I know so many in linkedin, and I know a lot apply in stylecareers and glassdoors.

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FIT has a really great Job and Careers website. You can post a paragraph detailing exactly what you are looking for in a designer-for free. The site is open to undergrads and graduates of the school, so you can find people at all levels of expertise. Some of the most talented designers are new to the fashion field. https://career-fit-csm.symplicity.com/students/index.php/pid163145?s=home&signin_tab=0