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Hi Schmatte Community,
I am activity looking for a job (without much luck). But at the same time I am developing my little sleepwear brand. I’ve been sending resumes out for jobs that I qualify for and normally would get some sort of call back. But for some reason (perhaps Covid), it’s been very quiet.
Now, I am beginning to wonder if potential employers are looking me up on social media and discovering that I am planning to launch my own line and if so this would effect my chances of getting interviews.

Looking forward to your feedback!


I don’t think any recruiter, head hunter or potential employer has any time to research anything these days. Those normal tactics and “they find you” is all out the window right now. Unemployment is so high and for each job posted a million people apply, their plate is full just with that. You actually really need an “in” at the company you applied to, to even get your resume viewed at this stage.
So I don’t think what you are doing on social media is any factor on your lack of getting interviews. Just my opinion

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Without seeing your resume, it is impossible to know why people aren’t getting back to you.

I do know that job seekers that are perceived to be high-payroll are less likely to get a call back right now. Companies want cheaper labor.

Job seekers who do not have good keyword matches with the job descriptions they are applying to are less likely to be noticed by companies that use Applicant Tracking Systems.

The business environment is so fluid right now, some companies post ads and then end-up not hiring people for those positions.

Strange times.

My opinion (and experience) is that you’re wasting your time applying for jobs without some kind of additional effort. This means connecting with someone you know or that you’re connected with on LinkedIn that works at the company; could be researching and figuring out who runs recruiting at the company and cold reaching out to them on LI (message them “I just applied for XX position but I’d love to connect with you personally and get on your radar…”). Sometimes the poster is indicated in the listing, reach out to that person. Build your network, so you have connections that can help you: network like crazy (lunchclub, webinars, association events, etc). Afterwards, reach out to the people who speak and thank them, comment on what they said, etc. I am a senior level executive and these recommendations are the only way I get interviews. People very close to me who aren’t as senior level also have this same experience. Just applying for a job is not enough, no matter what level you’re at. You need to tailor your resume for every job you want (I spent two hours yesterday doing this, and I have a very good resume to start with); you need to research; you MUST connect to someone in the organization. And if you’re not already, get on every recruiter’s radar! Just connect/share your resume, and they might not have something now, but could call you in a week/month/six months. This is how you get a job


the work around on the ATS black hole (which absolutely is real!), is connecting to someone personally in the organization. Could be the job poster, could be the hiring manager, could be an employee there. You could tailor your resume to practically copy the job listing and it won’t make a difference without a personal connection to someone in the organization

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I totally agree and disagree at the same time. :slight_smile:

With ATS systems, if there is a percentage match of keywords (65%, 80% -whatever is assigned by the company), the resume will be forwarded to the next step; senior recruiter, hiring manager, etc… It is VERY possible to get attention from your resume if it is set-up properly with the right keywords AND in a format that is easily parsed.

That being said, knowing someone at a company always helps.

I believe an employer genuinely looking to hire, would not be turned off by someone who is actively creating a new line of their own. They should be most focused on whether or not the applicant can do the job being offered. It’s common for people in the fashion industry to have a second job. There was a poll that came out, about side hustles and how it’s almost a necessity for people in the fashion industry to have a second job. Don’t remember where I saw the link to the poll results, but I believe it was connected to Style Careers.