Fashion in Boston

Inspired by the fashion in Chicago thread
Style careers aren’t easy to come by in Boston during normal times, let alone during a pandemic!
Does anyone have intel on companies hiring in Boston (not retail). Maybe the experiences and stories they want to share?

Some prominent fashion companies in Boston or near MASS:

Ministry of Supply
New Balance
Rue Gilt Groupe/ Rue La La

Timberland (NH)
Vinyard Vines (CT)

(Art Agencies)
Ennis Inc.
TEAM Artist Representative

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Boston is tough!! I just moved from there Some other brands are:
TJX - Framingham
Cold water Creek
No Bull

Activewear jobs and color trend jobs are often posted with all the athletic brands and shoe design is huge as well

however I have had friends working at some of the companies there who have been laid off due to Covid

I design accessories (but not shoes) and had zero luck finding anything. Apparel may be easier to find work in though.
Our Industry is just so crazy right now !

I had what I thought was a good initial screen with HR at Life is Good, was told the hiring manager wanted to speak to me, and then… crickets. Two emails and three weeks later, I assume Ive been ghosted. Beware.

What position were you Interviewing for? I worked there for 8 years and was laid off in June 2019

ecommerce buyer. what did you do there? would you recommend working there?
ive worked for ruelala (left almost 10yrs ago, culture continues to change) and clarks (do not recommend) most recently.

I’ve been trying to get my foot in the door at Rue lala AKA Rue Gilt Groupe for a few years now. The recruiters there are terrible and their recruitment page never seems to work. Their hiring / workplace culture seems rather VERY cliquey and a bit euro-centric in hiring. I’ve been ghosted and people I know inside are not open to referrals. What seems to happen is that they prefer to hire from in-house like for example from wardrobe stylist to photo producer… SMH…I still want to work there because I think the-work they produce in studio (photo/ editorials) are really superb.

i left in 2014. before the merge with gilt. i hear mixed things these days.

JJill is in the Boston area, right?

yes it is, it’s in Natick mass I believe!

j jill is in west quincy and they are a MESS.


its unfortunate because it was an amazing brand. but theyve lost their way creatively and over extended themselves on stores. they should retreat to a DTC model and recapture the spirit of the apparel and they might have a chance to survive (IMO of course haha)