What companies would you NEVER apply to?

Any companies out there that you would highly recommend not even applying to? Would love to know from personal experiences and why! Thank you!

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The workload is heavy, heavy, heavy. The culture is toxic. You will be blamed for things that are not your fault and out of your control. The workers are stressed. People leave this place in groups because it’s so bad. There are roaches turned belly up in the halls and bathroom. There’s a ghost (no joke). You’ve been warned. Be smart.


I’ve never heard of them! Had to look them up! THANK YOU!

Johnny was, worked there, it was terrible. I’ve talked about it in company reviews. And maybe Forever 21, terrible reputation.


I’ve HEARD terrible things about BCBG, Guess, Forever 21, Fashion Nova - all for crazy hours, too much work, unorganized management, etc.

Guess is psycho about TIME and have people out in the parking lot counting when employees arrive. (I’d like to be treated like an adult, thank you!).

Forever 21 is super cult-y, they have a cafeteria but it’s basically just so that you never get to leave. And of course the Chang family and they way they run things is famous. In the tech department, you could hear a pin drop.

BCBG I freelanced at, years ago, and back them if you freelanced you had to wear one of those “Hi, My Name Is” stickers… walking through the PD/tech department, pretty much everyone was wearing one of those stickers.

ANY fast fashion company. Stay away from SHEIN, Fashion Nova, Forever 21. Even after warning friends/colleagues about these companies, they still took the jobs, but didnt last more than 6 months as they were so burned out. Totally overworked and the compensation was below average for the hours they sucked out of them.