Idea Nuova Inc. - Has anyone worked at this company?

Idea Nuova Inc. - any inside details about this company?

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Toxic. Constant turnover because it’s an awful place to work. Notorious amongst home textile designers for being a brutal, chaotic environment.

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A job is better than no job. The way things are right now, and will be for the foreseeable future, take what you can get.

I’ve been there to interview. Large amount of building space, loaded with security cameras in every room. I would 100% hesitate to take a job there if they offered it to me. Cameras are facing the computers, office layout is cramped like a computer lab in rows, teeny tiny tablets for designers to draw with. Showroom spaces are crammed full of products. The hours of this job are something I was alarmed by. Can anyone who has worked here confirm the hours, and if they are paid for staying late?

Worked there many years ago for 1 year. Sounds like things haven’t changed. They don’t trust designers.

I have a friend who did product development and she hates everything about it. She took the job because she thought it was better than no job.She is miserable. It is up to you if you can stomach it and deal with the awful environment until you find something better. I wouldn’t . I had a job like that and my stomach hurt every morning and filled me with anxiety. Not worth your mental and physical health . It’s sad that they are not the only abusive company in this industry.


Yeah I saw they are hiring. The ad was very glib and off the cuff. Place sounds awful. I may still submit a resume…hahahah

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Grandpoobah, I don’t like your comment that a “job is better than no job”. It’s true, it is very true! but coming from you as the Schmatte representative you should avoid comments like these. Why?

Reason 1: When you make a comment like this, you are promoting toxicity in this industry.
Reason 2: The Schmatte was created so that people in the industry can air out our grievances and to let others know what companies to steer clear. You are not being impartial when you make comments like this. A lot of bad companies advertise on Style Careers. It would seem you would want to be as impartial as possible as to not promote toxic companies.
Reason 3: When you make comments like this you loose trust!

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@Meaty I understand what you are saying BUT it seems that you are not recognizing the context. When I made the comment, “a job is better than no job” we had 76% unemployment in the fashion industry. To put that into perspective, the worst unemployment rate during the Great Depression, was 25% unemployment. If you are someone without a big savings account and you need to feed your kids, buy medicine or make your rent, I totally stand by, “a job is better than no job.”

I would hope that my 22 years of providing to the fashion industry, the 40+ career fairs I’ve hosted for the fashion industry, the numerous fashion-specific career advice articles I’ve authored and the hundreds of free resume counseling sessions I’ve provided would give me the benefit of the doubt.