Transition out of Fashion

Thinking about transitioning from Merchandising to HR … any thoughts? Advice pls

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That’s great! HR seems like a great career. Are you pursuing any schooling or certifications?

Thank you! Not yet, but thinking about it. I still have a love for Fashion… however, the last couple of years hasn’t been so great for me. As in, with the companies I have worked for. I need stability!

Thanks for replying :relaxed:


Yes girl go for it! I currently work in design and I have been having the same thoughts with transition out of fashion. I am thinking about pivoting to a role in HR or one in marketing or creative strategy! Make sure you network with ppl that work in HR and talk to them about their experiences too!


To pivot into HR you should be targeting HR Coordinator roles. These types of roles are normally very clerical with processing payroll, benefits and commissions. The salary would be around 50-60K

If you have had exposure to interviewing people for jobs you could also target junior HR recruiter roles.

Knowing someone internally would really help as they could advocate for you with this career pivot.

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Than you keepingitreal!!! You should consider it as well and thanks for the great advice. I started to follow HR related forums and made some connections on linkedin as well.

Whats bothersome, is the advice I receive from recruiters when I ask for guidance with my transition. Its sad.

I’m happy to hear some positivity from you all!

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Thank you hardtimes2020

I definitely have coordinating experience, as I always liaised between many departments, Design, Sales, Upper Management just to name a few. Always, been able to communicate with all levels of an organization.