Thoughts on The North Face?

Thoughts on The North Face?

I don’t know North Face specifically but I have interviewed with another VF brand during the pandemic. I found that particular brand to be a good group from the brand president to the executive team. Unfortunately, I didn’t get picked for the job but the experience overall was good.

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I was with them as a contractor after they first moved - pretty awful and a lot of people who relocated have already left because they didn’t like Denver or the work environment. Have since interviewed for other roles - but always ghosted at some point in the interview process. Very strange… they love to recruit directly from other brands and insert them into similar roles.

I worked with them from the Sales Agency side when they were still in California- they were great to work with and super nice people at all levels of the company.

I interviewed with them a few years back while they were still in the Bay Area and liked what I experienced though like hardtimes2020 I also was not chosen for the role. The move to Denver is baffling to me as there isn’t much of an infrastructure or talent base to build from unless they initially planned on their entire organization to move.