Soft Accessories Designer

I would love to know how much full time soft accessories designers are making right now. Has COVID impacted your salary greatly? I’m a soft accessories designer with 15 years experience (so a senior role) that’s a freelancer but might transition to full time if it’s worth it. I know what I’m worth but I’m wondering how cheap companies have gotten over the past year. Lots of competition out there… Thanks!

try to go on glassdoor and check out similar companies for salary ranges.

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Hi! 13 yrs in: $98k. My salary got cut because of covid (to $98k) and I haven’t gotten that salary back. Don’t think I’m going to any time soon… FWIW my healthcare also went up about 20% this year. Hope that helps!

Thank you for posting and I hope your full salary returns soon! Are you based in NYC? I forgot to mention in my initial post that I’m looking at jobs in the NYC area.

I’m seeing a lot of “senior” designer roles out there being posted as $80k, 75k, 60k! so there’s a lot of cheap-os out there decreasing salaries “due to Covid” :roll_eyes: It’s understandable that companies need to cut back a little but they can’t do it to this degree. We are all tight with money right now. As you said, the healthcare costs keep going up so how can we afford it if the salaries keep decreasing??

My mantra lately has been “you get what you pay for”. They will either get unqualified designers at these lower prices or really great and experienced designers that won’t last long. They will jump ship as soon as something better comes along. Which leads to it being more expensive for the company in the long run.

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Yep, NYC. Wholesaler. …I don’t know if there are any retailers who have soft goods people these days.

My current employer has been pretty good about salary from the get; as compared to other places I’ve worked. I’ve been at this place for a few years now. I could not imagine $60k! What a joke.

So true.

I think it’s all wholesaler/licenses these days. I can’t think of anyone that does soft accessories in-house anymore. Good luck with your job! The company sound reasonable, at least before Covid. :slightly_smiling_face:

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