How are salaries in 2023?

Hello everyone! I wanted to start a topic on salaries for 2023. A lot has happened in the industry for the past three years and it feels like things are continuing to shift. What are you seeing and hearing in your job searches? Or in your current position?

I’m currently interviewing for 2 jobs. One is a more senior design position, but a limited 6mo contract, offering $90/hour. The other is less responsibility, as a CAD design er, and offering around $80k annual full time, hybrid WFH, and yearly bonus.

I’m kind of leaning towards the more chill job at the lower salary, with more schedule flexibility. I’ve never worked anywhere that offered a bonus before - what do you guys typically receive in bonus $$ from large companies?

I’ve also been hearing about layoffs and budgets getting tightened in the industry. I’m feeling glad to be in the running for anything at all since I’m currently freelance since COVID and starting to crave some financial stability.

How is 2023 looking for you?

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I’m at designer level and I make $90k a year. And my bonuses have always been one week of pay. Which that’s been the standard at the last three companies I’ve been at.

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Bonuses are always the carrot they dangle, as they are not set in stone and can be subject to change.

My company gives us bonuses based on sales projections… so 2021 mine was $9800 before taxes; this year nothing.

All in all, I’d lean towards the more chill, full time role, due to the flexibility and long term potential. And hybrid wrk looks like many places are getting away from it, but it is a real plus (all those commute hours you get back!). Otherwise you’ll be left without a job in 6 months (and possibly sooner). But all seems like it’s going well for you… yay!!

I freelance in Tech Design/PD but I put all my TPs in AI so illustrate too. I work for a mens wear casual company in downtown LA but only go in for fittings Tues/Thurs and the rest from home. My home rate is $50 and my in office rate is $100. They seem pretty happy with this and so am I.