Sam Edelman--- run

As an ex employee at Sam Edelman I can say that it’s full of favoritism based on looks, tons of nepotism, and promoting bullies and incompetent people over actual skilled and deserving people. Furthermore the parent company, Caleres allows inappropriate management to continue, and offers no real protection for the employees who are verbally assaulted on a daily basis by top management.


I worked at Caleres and have witnessed the “inappropriate management” you described so politely. You’re not alone, I’m sorry you had to experience it too. It’s sad to see a company present itself as a people-first type of place with signage throughout the offices about “caring” and other hollow text, when HR and VPs themselves, who are in positions to set the culture tone, display disturbingly inappropriate and abusive behavior.

Agreed, RUN from Caleres. These types of reviews should not be ignored. We can work towards a safer collective vibe in our industry, we can do better!