Dover Street Market/CDG

DO NOT WORK HERE IF YOU WANT ANY FREE TIME. The GM of the company in the US is a fear monger. He is rude and disrespectful, in the name of efficiency. He runs off of peoples fear of him. His underlings are equally as cliquey. The CFO is accused of all kinds of underhanded HR goings on. There is a lawsuit by a former worker against them for illegal HR stunts.,_Ltd


I interviewed at this company during the pandemic for a senior role. The head of HR clearly said in the interview that this company has a 6 day work week culture. And from what I understand they don’t pay that great. Thanks for these additional details.


same situation here. I was told during the interview for a senior role to be prepared for ‘no work life balance’ and ‘no structure or organization’ with the employees or processes in place. All very strange. Everything happens for a reason, happy to not be employed with them even though the discount and products look great!